Build Access Mats: Full-Time Opportunity!



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GigItUp is offering up to 10 weeks of full-time work building access mats with potential for continued full-time employment. This is a great opportunity to build a strong GigItUp portfolio so you can get more work in the future.

No experience is necessary. However, this job does involve working with wood. Which makes it a great first step towards getting construction gigs!

Work will be Monday – Friday, 8 hour days. Requires lifting and physical activity throughout the day. Takes place in an outdoor covered space: outdoor workwear will be required.

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About This Job

What is GigItUp?

GigItUp is an online platform for you to find work. Employers post jobs, you choose which ones to apply for. As you do good work, you build a profile which demonstrates your work history. This profile makes it easier to get more work in the future. Click here to see more about working for GigItUp.

What do you pay?

 For the access mat job, all employees will start at $19.50/hour plus vacation pay. If you are reliable and work hard, there will be opportunity to make more.

Where is this job?

Access mats will be built 20 minutes east of the City at Compass Access Solutions: 40016 AB-43, Bezanson.

Don’t have transportation? Let us know. We will arrange carpooling from Towne Centre Mall downtown (all Transit routes go direct to here).

Please note: this job is unusual because it is out of town and long term. For most GigItUp jobs, workers are responsible to get themselves to and from site.


When is this job?

This job will startup on January 23rd. It is anticipated to last until at least April. There is potential for employees to stay on full-time after this job ends.

It is Monday – Friday excluding holidays. 8:00 – 4:30 onsite plus travel time. Travel time is not paid. 


What do I need?

This job requires steel toe shoes. It takes place in a canvas structure which may get cold. You will want a jacket and warm clothes. You will also need to bring food and water to each shift.


What training and experience do I need?

 No experience necessary but you must be able to life 60lbs and move throughout the day.

You will be required to take free online WHIMIS training prior to start. Once you are accepted to this job, please watch for an email from Workhub.

Is there drug testing on this job?

GigItUp and our customers value worksite safety. This means that we have a responsibility to make sure everyone on site is sober and ready to work safe. Testing (including for marijuana) may be required before or during this job.

When do I get paid?

GigItUp runs payroll twice a month. The cutoff for hours is the 10th and 15th. Payroll will be run the next business day. Depending on your bank, it may take 2-5 business days to showup in your account. 

What if I can't make it to work?

This is a full-time gig: we expect you to prioritize getting to work everyday. However, sickness and emergencies happen. If you won’t make it to a shift, please let us know as soon as possible by texting or calling 587-830-2420.

Contact our Support Team

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