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Find work.
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GigItUp is your workforce platform!




Get connected with local employers

Build a profile to show off your skills

Receive guaranteed hourly pay

Stay protected by insurance and WCB coverage

How it works:


  • Create your profile. Let us know who you are, how to contact you, and what experience you bring.
  • Verify your profile. We do this part. You just need to wait one business day while we handle it!
  • Watch for welcome email.  When you get it, open it to find the links for next steps.
  • Sign up to get paid. Click the link in your email to fill out the forms we need to pay you.
  • Download the scheduling app. It is used to offer you jobs and track your hours worked.
  • Respond to jobs. Apply for the gigs that work for you. The more you respond, the faster your reputation grows!
  • Show up for work. Arrive on site, on time, ready for the gig.
  • Build your profile. After each gig, your profile will grow. Stronger profiles get offered more work.

  • Get paid. You’ll get an hourly rate for each gig you work!


Frequently Asked Questions

How much do I get paid?

That depends on you!

Starting salaries depend on worker qualifications and experience. Your salary grows as you add experience and positive ratings to your GigItUp profile.


How do I get paid?

GigItUp will make a direct deposit to your bank account twice per month.


How are workers protected?

GigItUp prioritizes worker safety. Employers are the primary people responsible for safety on their job site, and this is reflected in our contracts with them. However: we absolutely support the right of workers to refuse work that they are unqualified, underequipped, or uncomfortable in doing.

Even when everyone is being safe, accidents can still happen. All GigItUp workers are covered by GigItUp’s liability insurance and WCB plan.


Do I have to accept gigs?

You can choose the gigs that work for you. However: the more gigs you accept, the more you will be offered in the future.

You should ONLY accept gigs you are 100% prepared to work, as failing to show up will significantly impact your reputation!

When you do take gigs, show up and work hard, and your reputation and pay will grow!


Is GigItUp a local company?

GigItUp has always been oriented toward local businesses and the people who give them life. GigItUp was founded by three guys from Grande Prairie, Alberta to help people find work through the pandemic. We’re excited to still be around and growing.

Wherever GigItUp is available, our focus and value propositions as a company all aim at strengthening and supporting local people on each side of the employment equation!

I want to work full-time. Can I do that?

Our platform prioritises workers who work the most. Be sure to accept as many gigs as possible. As you build a profile, you’ll be presented with longer term gigs that create full-time work.

If you want full-time work right now, our sister company is hiring full-time workers in the oilfield. Call the GigItUp main number on this page and give you information about working for Yak Energy Services.

I want to work part-time. Can I do that?

There is no minimum requirement for how often you work. However, more gigs will be offered to those who accept them frequently.


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