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Find workers.
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GigItUp is your workforce platform!




We connect you with local workers.

Worker ratings are tracked across jobs, creating incentive for them to buy in on your project and build their reputation.

Get an “all-in” price that includes EI, CPP and WCB Premiums.

Get a single invoice. We handle the payroll work and expenses

No paperwork.
No HR time lost.
Just work getting done.

For short term work, you can quickly find workers through our app.

Do you have a long-term gig (10 or more days on site)?

Contact us. We will provide you a custom rate.





How it works:

  1. Request a gig. Enter your time(s), location, and the worker qualifications you need.


  2. Your gig is posted. Qualified workers see your gig


  3. Your gig is accepted. You get an email telling you who to expect on your jobsite.


  4. Welcome your workers. You are responsible to provide jobsite orientation and supervision.


  5. Verify timesheets. Rate workers. After the gig, your supervisor will receive a text message with a link.


  6. Pay your invoice.

  7. Workers get paid. GigItUp handles all payroll work and costs.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much do you pay?

Prices depend on the worker qualifications you require. We pay workers a competitive market wage. We charge you the standard 15% for payroll costs (processing fees, EI, CPP, and WCB) and a 15% Platform Fee. If you are booking through the app, you will receive an estimated price prior to confirming your request. Most gigs are charged hourly, so your final price will depend on how long the job lasts.

Do you have a long-term gig (10 or more days on site)? Contact us at work@gigitup.ca or 587-803-2420 so we can provide a custom rate.

Are there any other fees?

You just pay your quoted price plus GST. GigItUp takes care of all other payroll costs.

How are workers protected?

GigItUp prioritizes worker safety. Employers are the primary people responsible for safety on their job site, and this is reflected in our agreement with you. However: we absolutely support the right of workers to refuse work that they are unqualified, underequipped, or uncomfortable in doing.

Even when everyone is being safe, accidents can still happen. All GigItUp workers are covered by GigItUp’s liability insurance and WCB plan.


What does GigItUp do to fill my gig?

Short term gigs are automatically offered to potential workers through the GigItUp platform. Gigs will only be filled if there are already onboarded workers available.

For longer term gigs (10+ days): GigItUp staff will undertake active recruitment to get your gig filled.


What if no workers accept my gig?

There is always a small possibility that no workers accept your gig. This can be due to a number of factors.
IIn these instances, you will receive an email notification allowing you to make other arrangements. You are welcome to re-submit your gig – sometimes a few days more notice for workers can make all the difference.

Can I hire GigItUp workers directly?

Not without written permission from GigItUp. However, if you want to keep a GigItUp worker on your jobsite long-term or permanently: we can provide a custom rate for that worker. If that doesn’t work for you, we can charge you a Recruitment Fee for you to hire directly. Contact us if you have a GigItUp worker you want to hire.

How long does it take to provide feedback on GigItUp workers?

Not long at all! In fact, providing feedback on 10 workers may take as little as 2 minutes!


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