About us:

        The GigItUp Story


About us:

The GigItUp Story


We are local people who are raising our families in the Grande Prairie region. We care about this community. And as we talk to our friends and neighbours, we see some big needs:

People who need a side income to support their family or work towards a dream.

Adults with a desire to connect and put themselves to work but can’t find an opportunity.

Friends and neighbors who need help with a move or a project, but don’t have friends or neighbours with the time to help.

Small business owners and sole proprietors that need a little extra help, but can’t afford to expand their payroll.

People who need a hand due to a sudden deadline or unexpected emergency!

What might a solution look like, we wondered.

Then we had an idea…

As the world changes, these needs are going to be filled more and more by the gig economy. People and companies are increasing their reliance on casual, one time jobs. This could be a solution, but there are challenges in the way gigs are usually setup.

The person hiring doesn’t know if they’ll get reliable help.

The person doing the gig doesn’t know if they will be treated safely and with dignity.

Many times, gig workers are not insured or covered by WCB.

Cash payment makes it difficult for the hirer to deduct expenses from taxes, and can complicate the worker’s tax filing.

 As the world changes and the Gig Economy becomes bigger, we are dedicated to making it work great for our community. We are making gigs a safe, convenient, dignified, above-the-table experience for both those hiring and those taking gigs.

GigItUp: a company to make Gigs work better.