About us:

        The GigItUp Story


About us:

The GigItUp Story


Gig work plays a vital role in our economy. It always has. But its importance is growing. There are both businesses and workers looking for quick labour. To fill a job for a few days, a couple of weeks, or a handful of months

GigItUp makes this easy. For businesses, we offer:

    • No more searching for workers, hoping someone shows up. We do that hard work.
    • Worker accountability. Our workers are interviewed and screened. They are evaluated after every job. Good workers are rewarded. Poor workers are removed from our system.
    • No more paperwork. You just pay a single invoice. We take care of processing payroll.
    • Company protection. Safety on the jobsite is a top priority. But if things go wrong, GigItUp carries liability insurance. Our workers are covered by WCB.
    • No more guilt. When your need for a worker ends, GigItUp helps them find another gig.
    • A paper trail. Invoices and receipts makes filing your taxes or billing clients easy

For workers, we offer:

  • Consistent work. When one gig dries up, we help find the next one
  • Guaranteed pay. A set hourly rate paid twice a month.
  • Protection. We work with you and your supervisors to make sure job sites are safe. If things go wrong, you are covered by WCB.
  • Opportunity and variety. Workers who stay with us get to experience new work environments, develop new skills, meet new people, all while having consistent touchpoints within our ecosystem.

    Why do we do this?

    Our founders are three local people raising families, building businesses, and making friends. We know that Grande Prairie is one of the best places on earth to live and work. Its people work hard. Its economy is complex. It moves fast. It has unique needs.

    We’ve watched Grande Prairie businesses need to scale up quickly, with no time to recruit and onboard. Out of town businesses struggle to hire local people for local projects. Small businesses struggle: they need a little extra help, but can’t afford to expand their payroll. Jobsites face sudden deadlines, new opportunities, or unexpected emergencies.

    These businesses don’t have the time, money, or work to bring on more employees. They need to fill a short term gig, not a permanent job.

    Often, they turn to social media or word of mouth. They hope someone will show up. And take the first person who does.

    This takes a lot of time. It is stressful. It doesn’t always work out.

    So we started GigItUp. To make gig work easier. Faster. Better.

    If you need work done, give us a try!